I maintain and uphold

high professional standards:

trustworthiness, responsibility and confidentiality.


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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

thank you for visiting my website.


My name is Elizabeth Sushko. I have a PhD in International law. I’m also a multilingual international lawyer.

I maintain and uphold high professional standards; trustworthiness, responsibility and confidentiality.

I’ve chosen a professional career of a multilingual international lawyer even though I understood it would be very challenging. In 2004 I started to master International law together with Chinese. And since then my professional competence has a focus on China, its laws, rules and business environment.

The interest of different countries in cooperation with China is growing. It is so, especially due to the One Belt and One Road Initiative (the New Silk Road) that has been launched in 2013. It is a multilateral and large-scale infrastructure project to connect Asia and Europe by road, rail and sea.

I have a deep respect for Chinese people and China as an ancient civilization, its history, language and the oldest continuous culture. I think, it is important to understand all these. And I’m glad that my professional focus on China is very conscious. 

I invite experts in international law, private international law, the EU law, like-minded people who also carry out comparative-legal analysis of laws in China and other countries for the establishment and development of cooperation. 

There is more information about me in "About Dr. Sushko".

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Dr. Elizabeth Sushko
Ph.D. International law
Multilingual International lawyer
(English, Chinese, German, Russian, Ukrainian)


As the author of this website I inform that this project is non-commercial in each of the five languages.