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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

welcome to my website! 

My name is Elizabeth Sushko. I have a Ph.D. in International law. I’m also a multilingual international lawyer.

I maintain and uphold high professional standards; trustworthiness, responsibility and confidentiality.

I’ve chosen a professional career as a multilingual international lawyer even though I understood it would be very challenging. In 2004 I began to master International law together with Mandarin Chinese, since then my professional competence has a focus on China, its laws, rules and business environment.

The interest of different countries in cooperation with China is growing. This is especially due to One Belt-One Road Initiative (the New Silk Road) that was launched in 2013, it is a multilateral and large-scale infrastructure project to connect Asia and Europe by road, rail and sea.

I invite experts in international law, private international law, British law, like-minded people who also carry out comparative-legal analysis of laws in China and other countries for the establishment and development of cooperation.

If you have a question, then please leave it here.


Kind Regards,
Dr. Elizabeth Sushko 
Ph.D. International Law 
 Multilingual International Lawyer


As the author of this website I iwould like to inform you that this project is non-commercial. It is accesible in four languages.