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About Dr. Sushko-West

Dr. Elizabeth Sushko-West is a multilingual expert and a Doctor of International Private Law DIST., Master of International Law DIST., Bachelor of International Relations and International Law DIST.

She received a postgraduate education in Cambridge, England.

Dr. Elizabeth Sushko-West is a member of the British Sinology Association.

Her professional skills, expertise and professional experience have helped entities to improve their image, increased their profits and strengthened
their ability to carry out international cooperation with foreign customers and foreign talents.

Dr. Elizabeth Sushko-West has been presented with a number of awards in China for her outsanding professionalism, extensive  team-work,
diligence in her voluntary work based on her professionally related education, superior work ethic, and relentess  commitment to common goals.

Her awards include the following:

  • Friendship and loyalty award (2021);
  • Annual special contribution award (2019);
  • Outstanding performance and loyalty award (2017).